Aulap File Binder

Aulap File Binder is designed to help you run more files from the same program.

The program takes multiple files and combine them into a single executable.

All files will be encrypted and then decrypted when they are unpacked. You may also enable the compression feature to make the output file smaller.

You can protect the output file with a password before unpacking the files, in order to protect them from unwanted access.

Download Aulap File Binder 1.0


AutoScreenOff allows you turn off the screen automatically when you enter the Windows lock screen.

Save your monitor and battery life!

Download AutoScreenOff


Free file splitting software for Windows that can help you split and join large files bigger than 10 GB in file size, and it has a built-in fast MD5 hash tool.

You can directly split/merge/hash your files directly from Windows Explorer, just drag it from Windows Explorer and drop it on the main window.

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Download BigSplit 1.0.7693.41246


An easy to use free antivirus based on ClamAV engine with database more than 8,000,000 malwares for detections.

ClamPatrol offers basic protection against the most common types of threats.

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Download ClamPatrol 1.0.7741.47096

Dummy File Creator

Dummy File Creator supports batch processing so you can create many dummy files with custom size at a time.

Download Dummy File Creator


What videos are hidden on the computer? Does your child hide adult videos?

Windows Search is not enough. It cannot find video files whose file extension was changed.

FindHiddenVideos can discover all videos in computer based on file signatures, including the hidden files and changed file extensions.

Download FindHiddenVideos

Free WhatsApp Bulk Sender

Free software to send WhatsApp messages to thousands of numbers with a single click.

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Download FreeWhatsAppBulkSender


Easy to use mail client for Gmail user.

Create your small campaign and track the email delivery status.

You can send email as plain text or HTML.

Download GmailSender - Password: "aulap"

Indo Anti-Porn

Indo Anti-Porn (IAP) is a lightweight application that can block porn sites and social media sites in real-time without slowing down computer performance.

How it works is to quickly close the browser tab when the url or porn site address is in the address bar of the browser. Therefore, browsing the Internet will remain smooth without reducing site loading times.

IAP can detect and block porn sites on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi, Pale Moon, Maxthon Browser, Brave etc.

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Download Indo Anti-Porn 1.0.7690.57678

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A quick and easy way to block all suspicious actions including malware infections by terminating all non-essential processes.

PanicKill proposes a very simple method for terminating all non-essential processes thorugh keyboard shortcut.

It is perfect for closing unwanted applications or blocking malwares with a hotkey ora single click in icon tray.

Download PanicKill 1.07690.53552


It's a a screen pinning software in Windows!

You can pin a application so user cannot access other applications except the pinned application.

You can share application on your computer with friends and you can leave without worrying if something is to be accessed from your computer without your knowing.

ScreenPinning sets the GUI of pinned application to stay on top and maximized.

User is not allowed to resize or minimize the window, so it is like the screen is locked with the pinned application. If the pinned application is closed then the login screen will appear.

It is not possible to terminate ScreenPinning using Task Manager because when the Task Manager is opened then ScreenPinning will close it immediately.

Download ScreenPinning


Remove files from your hard drive without fear they could be recovered.

SecureDelete completely removes highly sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully random patterns.

Download SecureDelete


SecureMyUSB keeps you safe from malware trying to infect your PC through your USB devices and prevent USB devices from stealing your data via USB port.

Download SecureMyUSB


Read you sensitive documents safely in public area.

SpotlightView allows text is visible only in the region of the pointer, the rest of the text is obscured.

Download SpotlightView


Who logged into your computer?

WhoisLogin takes a webcam photo automatically after successful login in startup or when the user have unlocked the screen.

Download WhoisLogin


Prank your friends with this shocking program.

Download Witch